Phat Cat Swinger

Phat Cat Swinger is a West Coast 11-piece “little-big band” that specializes in high-energy music with that classic Hollywood touch. They bring to life re-imagined musical arrangements from timeless eras – ranging from Sinatra to Buble and everything in between. Phat Cat Swinger radiates style, class, and charisma.

Led by founder Marco Palos and vocalist Mark Kopitzke, the team all plays off one another and the audience to create an authentic one-of-a-kind experience - one that blows the roof off the place! They are often featured on the stages of The Disneyland Resort presenting re-imagined Disney songs and originals in the iconic Phat Cat sound. With rockstar energy, Phat Cat Swinger’s music will have you swing dancing in the aisles.

Phat Cat Swinger website

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