Rapid City Concert Association, Inc. (RCCA)

RCCA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit South Dakota corporation. It is an all volunteer organization devoted to presenting a variety of musical and stage entertainment of high quality suitable for families and people of all ages. Through these presentations RCCA seeks to promote interest in,and awareness of, many forms of performing arts.

Cooperative arrangements between RCCA and similar organizations in Belle Fourche, Hot Springs and Newcastle extend the range and number of programs available in the Black Hills region to seasonal members.

RCCA is governed by a Board of Directors of not more than 21, usually less. Board terms are three (3) years. Officers (as indicated below) are elected from among members of the Board each year. Formal meetings are held four times each fiscal year (July 1 — June 30) with various activities and responsibilities as needed in the intervening periods.

Purchase of a yearly membership entitles entry into all of the events the Association provides during the year's season. Such memberships are a true, but non-voting, participation in the Association. Comments, suggestions and ideas are always welcome and can be communicated through this website or by contacting one of the Board members.

Board of Directors

Alan Sewell, President
JoAnn Edstrom, Secretary
Kevin Connor
Albert Dominguez
Bob Franson
Robin Franson
Don Lerdal
Michael Sanborn, Past President
Connie Ewing, Treasurer
Amanda Prines, Membership Chairperson
Deanna Schmidt
Don Stover
Doug Thomas
Ken Weybright

Honorary Lifetime Members

Donna Peppers


Are you interested in joining this group of volunteers to assist in continuing the long-standing traditions of RCCA? If you are, inquire through this website or contact one of our board members.

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